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Given the cost of living in America, it’s no wonder why so many families are struggling to pay their bills on time. There is help for those who are overwhelmed by debt, however. At the Law Offices of Marta M. Guzman, I use my more than two decades of legal experience to resolve bankruptcy matters for both debtors and creditors. Whether you are a consumer filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, or a creditor seeking to recover funds from a business bankruptcy proceeding, I am ready to assert your rights.

Conducting a debt analysis

My first goal in accepting your case is to perform a debt analysis. I will need to review your work history, accounts, and other financial records to determine your level of debt, any level of accruing debt, and your ability to pay off your debt. By reviewing your monthly income and debt, I can determine your debt analysis ratio and identify your best option for becoming debt free. If bankruptcy is not the best course for you, there are alternatives. You can:

  • Sign up for credit counseling — Credit counseling agencies offer classes that can teach you how to be financially responsible and avoid bankruptcy.
  • Negotiate with creditors — As someone who represents both consumers and creditors, I know how to negotiate fair arrangements with creditors.
  • Develop a new lifestyle — You may need to take a closer look at your lifestyle and make certain changes to better handle your finances.

Debt analysis helps consumers and creditors understand the big picture. After assessing the unique challenges of your case, I can help you lay out a plan for discharging or repaying your debt.

Determining which bankruptcy chapter is right for you

Depending on your circumstances, one bankruptcy chapter may be better suited for your situation than others. At my firm, I represent both consumers and creditors in the following bankruptcy proceedings:

  • Chapter 7 — Also known as liquidation bankruptcy, Chapter 7 allows debtors to discharge many, if not all, of their debts. If you are a consumer, I can help you stop harassing phone calls and letters and even halt foreclosure. Additionally, I can assist you in gathering and filing the paperwork to start the bankruptcy process. In representing creditors, I safeguard their rights by filing motions for relief from stay, preference claims, and motions to dismiss.
  • Chapter 13 — Sometimes referred to as reorganization bankruptcy, Chapter 13 allows consumers to pay back creditors over the course of three to five years. I work closely with consumers and creditors in Chapter 13 cases to create sound and fair repayment plans. Unlike Chapter 7, Chapter 13 does not require the liquidation of any assets.
  • Chapter 11 — Chapter 11, or business bankruptcy, allows a business to operate normally while simultaneously paying creditors back. If you are a business owner overwhelmed by debt in California, my firm can assist you in filing for bankruptcy so you can restructure your business and operate debt-free. When representing creditors in Chapter 11 proceedings, I draft complaints and answers, attend hearings, conduct and defend depositions, and attend trials.

As an experienced bankruptcy attorney, I have the skill, knowledge, and grit to handle the toughest cases. No matter if you are a consumer buried by debt or a creditor attempting to retrieve borrowed assets, you can trust me to provide you with counsel that puts your best interests first.

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