Oakland Mortgage Modification Lawyer Works to Prevent Foreclosures

Effective Oakland attorney adjusts terms to help homeowners struggling with debt

At any time, something can happen that affects your ability to make the mortgage payments on your home, which puts you at risk of losing it. Whether prompted by a job loss, divorce, medical crisis or some other event, a foreclosure can be devastating for you and your family. Fortunately, help is available. At Law Offices of Marta M. Guzman in Oakland, California, I can secure a mortgage modification that suits your current needs and allows you to remain in your home. As a skillful debt relief attorney, I draw upon 15 years of experience and work diligently to adjust payment terms so that you can meet your monthly obligations.

Skillful California advocate uses numerous legal methods to alter burdensome mortgages

Don’t be discouraged or embarrassed if you are being threatened with foreclosure. Legal help is available, even if you are not eligible to refinance, but you have to take prompt action. Once you reach out, I can discuss a wide range of potential solutions with you, including:

  • Voluntary modification. Under rules set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, you can petition your financial institution for an appropriate mortgage modification. I can explain the relevant guidelines and put together a proposal that gives you the best chance to move ahead with more favorable terms.
  • Mediated adjustments. If a foreclosure action persists, mediation before a neutral third party might break down the differences between you and your lender. I strongly assert your rights during these proceedings and work diligently to reach consensus.
  • Relief through litigation. Filing for bankruptcy stops any foreclosure actions. This break can give you and the bank a chance to resolve your issues in a way that reflects your new economic reality.
  • Permanent alimony. Permanent alimony is given to a spouse who is seriously ill or who has demonstrated economic need. This agreement can be modified due to a changed financial situation or other circumstances.

I have substantial experience dealing with “underwater” mortgages — those that exceed the present value of the home — and other special circumstances. No matter how complicated your situation might be, I can develop a comprehensive strategy to secure long-term relief.

Experienced adviser negotiates with banks on your behalf

When you’re struggling with money problems, dealing with an impersonal financial institution can make things even more difficult. I thoroughly review your situation and work creatively to find the best possible solution. That may include extending your payment time frame, removing penalties, lowering your interest costs or shifting to a fixed rate. Often, implementing an appropriate modification is in the bank’s best interests as well. I understand lenders’ motivations and won’t be deterred until I secure fair terms for you.

Contact a skillful California mortgage modification lawyer

If you seek to change your mortgage terms to reflect your current money situation, Law Offices of Marta M. Guzman can provide valuable assistance. Call me at 510-410-5440 or contact me online to schedule a consultation.